About me

My name is Rachel Yacobozzi. I am 23 and a lover of life, health and of most importance….food!

I am a firm believer in eating everything that you love and never being restrictive with your diet. With that being said, I am also an advocate for healthy and sustainable living, so finding ways to eat everything you love while making it delicious and nutritious is where I focus most of my time.

I graduated from college in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. While in my senior year, I got my Personal Training Certification through NASM and while in that program realized my love for health and wellness.

While in college, I kept an extremely restrictive diet. I worked out sometimes 9 times a week and would be at the gym for nearly and hour and a half to two hours a day. I prepped my meals to perfectionist sized proportions that would lead me to binge eating that made me feel like shit.

I stuck to the traditional diet of reduced fat peanut butter, 100 calorie snacks and whole wheat bread that I was always taught were ‘healthier choices’. I struggled with mood swings, poor sleep, a negative body image, random breakouts and eczema.

Over time, I expanded my learning and came across a company that taught me the power of superfoods and high nutrient dense nutrition. I had a paradigm shift when it came to my health and realized what I was taught all along was wrong and all of the meal planning and working out, although it made me look great, was not ideal for this optimal level of health and vitality I was looking for.

Through time, I have found that the answer to optimized health and longevity is a lot simpler than those fancy food marketers out there make it. Eating clean to stay lean means eating simple whole foods and adding in superfoods that are very potent in vital nutrients that are bodies need to thrive. It may sounds too simple, but I promise that it is just that.

Whether you quit all of the processed foods together or start slowly and do it over time, I encourage you to take your health into your own hands and join me on this journey to a life filled with mental clarity, glowing skin, balanced energy and a ton of self-love. 🙂

To your health and happiness, Rachel

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To Contact me, email Ryacobozzi@gmail.com