Super Reds is a superfood blend that, by utilizing an energizing polyphenol, helps maintain energy levels and promotes heart, circulatory and brain health. Country Farms Super Reds is packed with 48 antioxidant rich superfoods and berries. The nutrient dense formula is packed with essential antioxidants and enzymes to support overall health and fight free radicals. This delicious berry flavored powder blend contains aspberry, bilberry, goji, pomegranate, blueberry, and acai berry; just to name a few. With all those beloved and tasty berries, Super Reds is bound to taste as good as it is for you. Super Reds’ enzyme rich formula ensures the full benefits of each ingredient, helping the body stay clear of free radicals, along with feeling and looking younger. Country Farms is America’s brand for non-GMO, gluten free, organic, vegetarian and natural whole food supplements ensuring optimum nutrition.