Many food categories contain superfoods. You do not need to eat every so called “superfood” because some may not be to your liking. And they may not be so much better than the food you are looking at replacing.

Below there are details of what these foods have to offer and if some meet your needs that is great. Please keep in mind that you do need to consume some of the foods mentioned on this site as that will most likely lead you a balanced, healthy diet.


These are about moderate in their carb amounts, which is why you should pay close
attention to the quantity you have. However, as far as fall vegetable superfoods go,
parsnips can definitely be added to your rotation if you are on a low-carb diet. The great
thing about parsnips is that their flavor resembles potatoes, so you can make parsnip
chips or fries and have a lower-carb version than with regular white potatoes. For a cup
of sliced parsnip, it is about 17 net carbs after the fiber content.


As far as greens go, most of them are going to be low-carb and are appropriate for any
low-carb or Keto diet. Kale is in season during the fall and is also considered a
superfood, so you should try to add it to your diet whenever you can. It isn’t the lowest
carb green, but there are only 6 carbs in a cup of kale, so it’s not bad when putting
together a salad.


If you are looking for a fruit you can have in the fall that is also on the low-carb side, try
cranberries. These are a very popular fruit to have as a superfood, and since it is a
berry, it is going to be lower in carbs than most other fruits. For a cup of cranberries,
there are 10 carbs, but you can enjoy a lower amount and reduce that quite a bit. Try ¼
cup of cranberries on your salad, adding just 2.5 carbs.


Cauliflower is the ultimate low-carb food, and is also a superfood that is readily available
during the fall season. There are only 5 carbs in a cup of cauliflower, so it is really low in
carbs. It also has a long harvest season, available between September and June. There
is vitamin C in cauliflower, plus it can help lower your cholesterol. It is great for
substituting potatoes or rice in your low-carb meals.

Butternut Squash

This squash is a little sweet and tastes great with various fall flavors and spices. It is
often combined with pumpkin or fruits like apples and pears. It is a good source of
omega-3 fatty acids, and is about 10 carbs for a cup.